Traction diagnose display (ADT - 06)
The main task of the diagnose display is to monitor and display the status of the vehicle at any time, including any errors that might appear, as well as giving solutions for these errors remedy. The displayed data are the ones given by the SATREC-MMA microprocessor control unit through RS-485 communication interface.
technical specifications
  Input voltage: 24Vdc (-30%...+25%)
  Mean current: 1A
  Maximum current: 1,5A
  Temperature range: -30°C..+70°C
  IP20 protection degree
main features
  Atmel 89C5115 microprocessor
  VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), 4 rows x 20 characters
basic functions
  communication - receive data from the control unit on RS485 interface
  diagnose - collecting and processing significant data about system status
  display - showing data on the display
  control - display mode control
  L x l x h = mm
  weight = ± kg
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