Control system (BLCT-5M) for resistors-based vehicles
The microprocessor control unit is build within a 19" rack, having 5 electronical cards connected through a backplane. Its main task is to command the vehicle's driving contactors, as well as the progression and the regression of the resistors units for traction and electrical braking, according to traction/braking pedal position and the motor current.
technical specifications
  Input voltage : 24Vdc (-30%...+25%)
  Maximum current: 15A
  Temperature range: -30°C..+70°C
  IP20 protection degree
  8 bits Philips 80C552 microprocessor
  16 digital inputs/outputs
  8 analog inputs
  RS232 communication port
  Two-digits display for error codes and system status
  Maximum controlled resistors units - 18
  Power contactors test function
basic functions
  control - monitors the equipment status and sends commands to it
  communication - internal (between cards) and external, on RS232 interface (with a PC)
  L x l x h = mm
  weight = kg
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