Static frequency converter (CFTxx)
The frequency converters range is dedicated for induction (asynchronous) motors driving with rated powers up to 45kW, and rated voltage of 380Vac. The technical solution flexibility and the tuning performances ensure the compatibility with any application and project customization is easily made. Converters with custom powers, output and input voltages are available on request.
  CFT XX [N], [P], [E,R], [F], where:
    CFT - product name
    XX - rated power (4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 18, 22, 30, 37, 45 kW)
    optional: [N]-with null, [P]-ground protection, [E]-external tuning, [R]-external sensor, [F]-filter
technical specifications
  Input voltage (model depending): 60, 110, 160, 220, 600, 750 Vdc (-30%...+25%)
  Output voltage: 3 x 380 Vac (±8%) / 50Hz (±1%)
    Sinusoidal waveform THD < 5%
    Starting with U/f=ct.
    EMI filter on output current
    Rated power defined at cos fi = 0,75
    Efficiency > 90%
  Texas Instruments DSP-based control unit (TMS320F240 platform)
  Programming and diagnose through serial communication (RS232/RS485) with a PC
  Temperature range: -10°C … +40°C, PU 80%
  Short-circuit, overload, motor over-heating protections
  Cooling system: forced ventilation
  IP54 protection degree
  L x l x h = 500x300x850 mm (4kW), 600x400x1200 mm (10kW), 800x500x1800 mm (20kW)
  weight = ~ 145kg (4kW), 196kg (10kW), 260kg (20kW)
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