Microprocessor control system (type SATREC-MMA-21)
The SATREC-MMA-21 micro-controller is a flexible command system for the command, control and diagnose equipment used for the air conditioning installations on the railway coaches. The system is built within a double Eurocard rack, having up to 7 electronical cards connected through a main board.
technical specifications
  Input voltage : 24Vdc (-30%...+25%)
  Output voltages: ±15Vdc, +5Vdc, +24Vdc (filtrată)
  Mean current : 1,5A
  Temperature range: -30°C..+70°C
  IP20 protection degree
basic functions
  measurement of external air temperature, treated air temperature and the battery voltage
  communication with local adjustments modules
  select the operation mode accordind to UIC standards for temperature and ventilation
  command of power elements according to the selected mode
  events memorising and storage on a non-volatile memory
  local signals for operating modes and damages
  Philips 80C552 microprocessor, 8 bytes
  16 digital inputs/outputs on every inputs(2)/outputs(2) card
  6 analog inputs, 1 analog output
  RS232/RS485 communication ports
  Display for error codes and system status
  Non-volatile events memory (holding time: 10 ani)
  "Black-Box" function, monitoring 12 parameters
  Real-time clock
  L x l x h = 305 x 260 x 265 mm
  weight = 5,5 ± 0,5 kg
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