Static converter for auxilliary services (CS11T)
The static converter type CS11T (designed with IGBT technology) ensures the alternative three-phase voltage (3x400Vac/50Hz) for supplying the auxiliary services induction motors on trolleybuses and tramcars; it also charges the vehicles batteries.
technical specifications
  Input voltage : 750Vdc (-30%..+20%)
    Maximum input current: 25A
  Adjustable batteries charging voltage: 28Vdc (±2%)
    Limited batteries charging current: 10...30A
    Rated power: 2,8kW
  Sinusoidal output voltage: 3x400Vac/50Hz
    Sinusoidal waveform THD<3%
    Voltage accuracy : ±10%
    Frequency accuracy: ±1Hz
    Rated power : 7kW
  Texas Instruments DSP-based control unit (TMS320F240 platform)
  Diagnosis and maintenance software
  L x l x h = 1200 * 800 * 300 mm
  weight = 200 ± 5 kg
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