Control system with two microprocessors (SATREC-CGT+CVT)
The distributed control system is based on two micro-controllers: SATREC-CGT (General Traction Controller) and SATREC-CVT (Variable Voltage Regulator Controller); it is a flexible command system for electrical traction equipment for tramcars and light railcar. The system is build within two or three 10" racks, every one of them having 6 electronical cards connected through a mainboard. The serial communication between the modules is RS-485 type. The CGT module is placed near the tramcar's cabin, and the CVT modules are included in every VTCI unit mounted on the vehicle.
technical specifications
  Input voltage: 24Vdc (-30%...+25%)
  Output voltages: ±15Vdc, +5Vdc, +24Vdc (filtrată)
  Mean current: 2A
  Maximum current: 5A
  Temperature range: -25°C..+70°C
  IP20 protection degree
basic functions
  control - monitors the equipment status and sends commands to it
  communication - internal (between cards) and external (between modules and a PC)
  diagnosis - collecting and storing significant data about system status
  counter - consumed and recovered energy, covered distance
- speed and acceleration digital regulator   - 1 or 2 motors current digital regulators
- consumed/recovered energy counter   - recuperative/rheostatic electrical brake control
    - digital traction current control
  8 bit Philips 80C552 microprocessor
  RS232/RS485 communication ports
  Non-volatile events memory (holding time: 10 years)
  Non-volatile trace memory (last 1000 km)
  "Black-Box" function, monitoring 12 parameters
  Real-time clock
- 2 x 16 digital inputs / 16 digital outputs   - 8 intrări / 8 ieşiri digitale
- 3 digital speed counters   - protecţii la supracurent şi supratensiune
- two-digits display for error codes   - comandă de puls prin fibră optică
- pulse synchronization for VTCI   - sincronizare externă/internă a pulsului VTC
- operating with 1 or 2 CVT units    
application field
  tramcar with 2 motors simultaneous controlled by a VTCI
  tramcar with 2 motors independently controlled by a VTCI
  tramcar with 4 motors connected 2-by-2 series with a VTCI
  tramcar with 4 motors connected 2-by-2 series with two VTCIs
  light railcar with communication bus at train level
  L x l x h = 256 x 240 x 265 mm
  weight = 5 ± 0,5 kg
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