Various products for trolleybus driving equipment
The trolleybus driving equipment, along the chopper and the microprocessor control unit, is made of several products, designed and sized for every particular type of trolleybus and traction motor.
  Radio interference filter: ensures the limitation of the electromagnetical perturbations due to the traction equipment, within the standard limits.
  Motor choke: mounted in series with the traction motor, for the limitation of the current wavings through the motor, and for the limitation of the braking voltage in the electrical equipment.
  Line choke: the choke, together with the filter capacitor, limits the line current and line voltage wavings.
  Filter capacitor: the filter capacitor, together with the line choke, limits the line current and line voltage wavings.
  Line voltage sensor: ensures a closed contact relay when the filter capacitor voltage grows beyond a certain value, the output signal being galvanic separated from the input voltage.
  Pre-excitation source: its task is to pre-excite the traction motor when entering the braking state.
  Dangerous voltage sensor: monitors if the vehicle's body voltage rises above a certain value, giving the high voltage interruption signal at the equipment terminals.
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