Network supplied electronic ignition system for gas motocompressors (SAE-01 type)
The system controls the ignition of gas thermal motors for gas motocompressors type 10GKNA, which work in potentialy explosive environments in danger area class 2 and gas group IIA.
technical specifications
  System input voltage: 230Vac / 50Hz
  Supply voltage for induction coil primary winding: 254Vdc (±2,5%)
  Absorbed power: 100W
  Cylinders ignition sequence: 1-2-9-10-3-4-5-6-7-8
  Start control: 0: +10°
  Maximum motor speed: 330rpm
  A microprocessor unit is in charge of controls, monitoring and diagnosis.
  The system uses the magnetic sensors on the motor's flywheel to compute the ignition initiation.
  The system is monitoring the motor speed, the power circuit of the induction coils (if the ignition has been made), and the motor oil's pressure and temperature.
  The values are displayed on a 4x20 characters VFD type screen.
  Displayed values: motor speed, two cylinders failures (in the order of failure), motor oil output temperature, motor oil pressure.
  Protection for: maximum speed exceeding, oil temperature rising, oil pressure dropping.
  Ignition diagnosis (lack of ignition at one or more cylinders).
  The failures are externally signalized by a warning lamp.
  External signalization (red lamp) for speed exceeding, motor oil maximum temperature exceeding, motor oil pressure dropping under minimum value.
  L x l x h = mm
  weight = ± kg
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