Static converter SIF 750-E-28V
The static converter for tramcar auxiliary services is designed for the charging of the vehicle's batteries and supplying its consumers with 28Vcc. It is designed with IGBT technology, working at a high frequency based on PWM with DSP; the voltage is kept constant at the batteries terminals, compensating voltage failures on various devices.
technical specifications
  Input voltage: 750 Vdc (600Vdc)
    Voltage accuracy: -30%...+40%
    Maximum current < 15Adc
  Output voltage: 28Vdc (±2%)
    Output current: 120Adc
    Output voltage control range: 25.5 ... 29.5Vdc
    Output current control range: 10 ... 40Adc (±10%)
  Total limited current: 200Adc (±10%)
  Efficiency > 85%
  IP65 protection degree
  Texas Instruments DSP-based control unit (TMS320F240 platform)
  Diagnosis and maintenance software
  L x l x h = 700 x 500x 344 mm
  weight = 100 ± 3 kg
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