Chopper equipment (VTCI) with microprocessor control system
The chopper equipment (VTCI) drives two DC motors in electrical traction and rheostatic/recuperative brake. The equipment can be controlled with the microprocessor control system SATREC-CGT + CVT. It is designed for two-motors tramcars driving systems.
technical specifications
  Rated voltage: 750 Vdc
    Voltage range: -30%...+25%
    Rated power: 120...200kW
    Maximum current: 440A
  SATREC-CGT + CVT microprocessor control system
  Driving pulses for IGBT through optical fiber
  Current and voltage transducers included
  Thermal and under-supply protection
  Cooling system: forced air ventilation
  Double insulated
  IP20 protection degree
  L x l x h = mm
  weight = kg
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