ICPE SAERP S.A. is a private Romanian company, focused on research, design, development and manufacture of urban traction driving equipment and railway coaches equipment, static converters for auxiliary services, DSP-controlled equipment, and many other power equipment used in various industrial fields. The company was established in 1992, and it has a number of over 130 employees.
Following the present trends, the Research Department has developed microprocessor control systems for the DC and AC motors driving equipment and for the air conditioning systems in passengers railway coaches and locomotives. Having in mind data security and integrity, the communication is made through RS232/RS485 interfaces, and the frequency signals transmission is made through flexible optical fiber. Our latest products are endowed with touchscreen diagnosis displays, an easy-to-use interface between the user and the equipment. In the power equipment we use modern semiconductor devices (IGBT), controlled by drivers with protections, as well as components that work in an extended temperature range. The cases of the equipment are made of stainless steel.


For the whole products range we provide technical assistance at putting in service, detailed documentation (technical specifications, service manuals), client's staff training, service and spare parts during the warranty and post-warranty, at request.


Static converter for
auxiliary services CS13T
Electronic ignition system for
gas motocompressors
Frequency converter
type CS-25 MC
Static converter CASV-10
for passengers coaches